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  • Nuevas preguntas de examen de Microsoft AZ-302 disponibles

    Time:2018-12-06Content Source:Passnow.mx Collected

    El examen de la transición de certificación AZ-302 de Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect es un examen requerido para la nueva certificación de Microsoft Azure Architect. Si ha realizado el examen 70-535 y desea actualizar a la nueva certificación Microsoft Architect, debe realizar el examen Microsoft AZ-302. De las noticias en la página del examen 70-535 oficial de Microsoft, puede saber que el examen 70-535 se retirará el 31 de diciembre de 2018. En nuestro artículo anterior, presentamos, cuándo se retirará el examen 70-535?  Cuáles son las pruebas de reemplazo?



    Hemos resuelto las últimas y nuevas preguntas del examen Microsoft AZ-302, que serán útiles para su preparación. Hay 55 preguntas en nuestro examen Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification Transition AZ-302, que pueden ayudarle a probar todos los temas relacionados con el examen Microsoft AZ-302


    Determine Workload Requirements (15-20%)

    Design for Identity and Security (5-10%)

    Design a Business Continuity Strategy (15-20%)

    Implement Workloads and Security (5-10%)

    Implement Authentication and Secure Data (5-10%)

    Develop for the Cloud (45-50%)

    Comparta algunas preguntas del examen Microsoft AZ-302 a continuación para que pueda verificar la calidad.


    1.You need to resolve the delivery API error, What should you do?

    A. Implement simple retry by using the EnableRetryOnFailure feature of Entity Framework.

    B. Implement exponential backoff by using the EnableRettyOnFailure feature of Entity Framework.

    C. Implement the Circuit Breaker pattern by using the EnableRetryOnFailure feature of Entity Framework

    D. Invoke accustom execution strategy in Entity Framework.


    2.You need to meet the security requirements. What should you use? 

    A. HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

    B. Bot Framework Portal

    C. Bot Framework authentication

    D. Direct Line API

    E. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


    3.You create an Azure Time Series Insights event handler. You need to send data over the network as efficiently as possible and optimize query performance. What should you do? 

    A. Use a Tag ID.

    B. Use reference data

    C. Send all properties.

    D. Create a query plan


    4.A company plans to automate specific sections of a customer service call center solution. You must develop a bot that can be used on the company’s website to provide answers to frequently asked quotations (FAQ). You must create a bot that includes the existing FAQs by using Azure Bot Service with QnA Maker. You need to test the bot. What are two ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. 

    A. MSBot

    B. Bot Framework Emulator

    C. Web chat in Azure portal

    D. ngrok


    5.You are developing a speech-enabled home automation control bot. The bot interprets some spoken words incorrectly. You need to improve the spoken word recognition for the bot. What should you implement?

    A. The Cortana Channel and use scorable dialogs for improving conversation flow

    B. The Skype for Business Channel and use scorable dialogs for improving conversation flow

    C. The Skype Channel and Speech priming using a LUIS app

    D. The Web Chat Channel and Speech priming using a Bing Speech Service and LUIS app


    Para verificar las respuestas de las 5 preguntas de muestra anteriores, puede enviarnos un correo electrónico a través de [email protected]

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