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  • Why should we take the time to learn other certifications?

    Time:2018-08-20Content Source:Passnow.mx Collected

    There are two main reasons for this:

    First, after mastering the knowledge and skills related to Huawei’s HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification, it is more conducive to deepen our understanding of the relevant skills already acquired.
    Second, we can learn other related certification design patterns, and the problems that may be difficult to solve with the knowledge related to HCPA-IP are easier to solve with Cisco’s related knowledge. There is actually a complementarity between many certifications.
    This requires us to look at the HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification more comprehensively. Be sure to put your eyes on the long-term.

    Quality level

    Don’t show off your knowledge or skills related to HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) Certification. This is a very common bad habit of many HCPA-IP related technicians. Maybe it can’t be said to be a bad habit, but it is definitely not a good habit. In order to allow customers to trust themselves as quickly as possible, many HCPA-IP technicians often instill too much knowledge and skills in HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU). In fact, in many cases, the final outcome of this and the expected results can be achieved in the opposite direction.

    There is a simple case:

    Once I gave the customer a HCPA-IP related product demonstration, our entire process was perfect. And the demo ended about half an hour ahead of schedule. I didn’t know what to do for a while. Several of our team’s technicians felt that the customer was very interested in the technology related to HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU), so I said one more thing: In fact, about solving this problem, We have other solutions. This time, the customer immediately came to interest. As a result, there were a lot of minor problems in the details when presenting this solution. Finally, everyone is very unhappy. This is a very bad memory. Everyone must learn the lesson.

    Don’t over-consider the technical aspects of personal opinions with customers on the HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) business, even if you are right. We must know that the professional level of our customers in the HCPA-IP business is high or low. Therefore, when you are not clear about the customer’s specific level, try not to argue with customers about HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU), even if you are correct. In the real work, you will find that many things that are actually unreasonable really exist. What exists is reasonable.
    Too many to entangle these problems, in many cases, the final result will only hurt yourself.

    Learn to better refine the highlights of your products and properly demonstrate your advantages in HCPA-IP related technologies. This is the basic soft skills that every HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) practitioner needs to master. Communication with customers is as simple as possible and is crucial. HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU) involves a lot of knowledge points, most of the customers are not necessarily well-informed, so when we express them to them, if we can be organized, customers and us and our products Confidence will be strengthened. One thing to note here is: If your expression can’t be done, try not to explain it too easily. Because if you can’t get the most out of it, you can simply explain it to your customers. Many customers may think that your technology or product is too simple and has no technical content. At this time, the customer has an additional bargaining chip. It is very unfavorable for subsequent communication.

    Don’t just focus on promotion, not on the basics of HCPA-IP (H19-301-ENU).

    This is a common problem for many HCPA-IP technicians: Can’t position your character. Every HCPA-IP technician has a different degree of dependence on Killtest.es test questions on the original H19-301-ENU (HCPA-IP) Certification exam. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the basic knowledge and skills of each person who has obtained the H19-301-ENU Certification.
    Based on the above, it is not easy to become a qualified Huawei-certified HCPA-IP engineer. Both technical and personal qualities have high requirements. If you want to be a qualified Huawei Certified HCPA-IP engineer, work hard in these directions.

    HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom)

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