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  • Actualizados los exámenes de CompTIA CySA + CS0-001

    Time:2018-12-20Content Source:Passnow.mx Collected

    Quieres pasar el examen CompTIA CySA + CS0-001 fácilmente? Aquí hay una oportunidad para ti. Nuestros volcados de exámenes CompTIA CySA + CS0-001 se han actualizado, que incluyen 129 preguntas y respuestas. Nuestras respuestas al examen CS0-001 están a cargo de expertos con experiencia, que han aprobado el examen CS0-001 con una puntuación alta. Todos sabemos que el examen CS0-001 es un examen requerido para la certificación CompTIA CySA +. En nuestro artículo anterior, hemos presentado, ¿cómo obtener la certificación CompTIA CySA +? Puedes visitarlo y seguirlo.


    Antes de que decida utilizar la versión actualizada de los volcados de examen CompTIA CySA + CS0-001, deberá verificar la calidad de las preguntas. Compartiré 5 preguntas de muestra de nuestros volcados de examen CS0-001 a continuación para que usted pueda verificar.


    Several accounting department users are reporting unusual Internet traffic in the browsing history of their workstations after returning to work and logging in. The building security team informs the IT security team that the cleaning staff was caught using the systems after the accounting department users left for the day.Which of the following steps should the IT security team take to help prevent this from happening again? (Select TWO)

    A. Install a web monitor application to track Internet usage after hours

    B. Configure a policy for workstation account timeout at three minutes

    C. Configure NAC to set time -based restrictions on the accounting group to normal business hours

    D. Configure mandatory access controls to allow only accounting department users to access the workstations

    E. Set up a camera to monitor the workstations for unauthorized use

    Answer: CD


    Creating an isolated environment in order to test and observe the behavior of unknown software is also known as:

    A. sniffing

    B. hardening

    C. hashing

    D. sandboxing

    Answer: D


    A computer at a company was used to commit a crime. The system was seized and removed for further analysis.Which of the following is the purpose of labeling cables and connections when seizing the computer system?

    A. To capture the system configuration as It was at the time it was removed

    B. To maintain the chain of custody

    C. To block any communication with the computer system from attack

    D. To document the model, manufacturer, and type of cables connected



    An analyst reviews a recent report of vulnerabilities on a company’s financial application server.Which of the following should the analyst rate as being of the HIGHEST importance to the company’s environment?

    A. Banner grabbing

    B. Remote code execution

    C. SQL injection

    D. Use of old encryption algorithms

    E. Susceptibility to XSS



    A vulnerability analyst needs to identify all systems with unauthorized web servers on the network.

    The analyst uses the following default Nmap scan:

    nmap -sV -p 1-65535

    Which of the following would be the result of running the above command?

    A. This scan checks all TCP ports

    B. This scan probes all ports and returns open ones

    C. This scan checks all TCP ports and returns versions

    D. This scan identifies unauthorized


    Si desea consultar otras 5 preguntas de muestra de los volcados de exámenes CompTIA CySA + CS0-001, puede contactarnos a través de [email protected], le responderemos lo antes posible. Además, proporcionamos versiones tanto en PDF como en software para los volcados de examen de CompTIA CySA + CS0-001, puede elegir la versión que desea usar.

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