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  • LPI certification exam knowledge

    Time:2018-09-04Content Source:Passnow.mx Collected

    It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the specific process of the LPI certification exam. Let’s take a look at it together.

    1. LPI exam certification level:

    1), LPIC-1
    Requirements: Pass the 101 and 102 exams.
    Task Description: A first-level certifier can use the Linux command line to complete simple maintenance tasks, help users solve problems, add users to a larger system, backup, restore, shut down and reboot the system, install and configure workstations (including X Workstation) and connect it to the LAN.

    2), LPIC-2
    Prerequisites: LPIC-1 certification is required to obtain LPIC-2 certification, but you can choose to take the exam in any order.
    Requirements: Pass the 201 and 202 exams.
    Mission Overview: To pass the Level 2 exam, you must be able to manage a small to medium-sized website, plan, implement, maintain, consistent, and secure, be able to maintain a small, comprehensive network (MS, Linux), including LAN servers (samba), Internet Gateway (firewall, proxy server, email, news), internet server (web server, FTP server).

    3), LPIC-3
    Prerequisites: LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certification is required to obtain LPIC-3 certification, but you can choose to take the exam in any order.
    Requirements: Pass the 301 and 302 exams.
    LPI101 and LPI102 exams can be counted as LPI Level 1 certification. LPI201 and LPI202 can get LPI Level 2 certification. LPI301 and LPI302 can get LPI Level 3 certification.

    2. LPI certification exam questions:

    The LPI exam questions are divided into three forms: multiple choice, single selection and fill in the blanks. The questions are very focused on experience and cover a wide range of content. The back book is unlikely to pass the exam.

    3. LPI certification re-examination rules:

    Candidates who fail the exam for the first time may not take the exam for the same subject again within one week; they may not take the exam for the same subject again within 90 days after the second failed exam and the exam that has not passed in the future; Policy, those who have passed the LPI exam may not take the exam for the same subject again within two years. If you take the same subject test again within the allowed retake time, you must pay the same test fee.

    4. Confirmation of LPI certification:

    Once you have obtained the LPIC certificate, you can show the certificate you have obtained to others by visiting the certificate confirmation page. When accessing this page, you will need to provide your LPI ID and confirmation code, which can be obtained from your personal information.

    5. The role of LPI certification:

    As a well-known brand in many IT certifications today, based on the nature of LPI non-profit organizations, LPI is not owned by any individual, organization or company, and there is no commercial transaction and nature change, thus ensuring the long-term and continuity of certification. LPI proves that the individual’s Linux experience is internationally certified, which can satisfy the candidates’ standout in the fierce career. Many international IT manufacturers are looking for LPI certification when they are recruiting jobs related to Linux skills.


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